180 Day Listing? – Why This is Ridiculous!

Homes Do Sell in 70 Days

If your real estate agent tells you differently he may not have all the information.

To proof that homes do sell fast, I used the data currently available on our MLS. Herewith a graph showing that for the period 1 January 2016 to 8 June 2016, homes in the SW Florida area sold on average in 70 Days.

Right next to that is a graph that shows the average days for all current active listings on the MLS is around 140 days.

Days on Market vs Days to Sell

Days on Market vs Days to Sell

This would indicate that if a home is on the market for more than 70 days, it may not sell!

So How Many Listings will Expire Unsold?

Let’s check out the current market statistics:

Active vs Expired Listings

Active vs Expired Listings

On 1 January 2016 a total of 13133 homes were active on the MLS. In the period 1 January 2016 to 8 June 2016 about 23636 new homes were listed for sale on the MLS. This means a total of 36769 homes were available for sale on the MLS in the 1st 5 months of 2016.

In the same period 13117 homes sold and 22959 listings EXPIRED unsold on the MLS.

Calculating the listings to sales ratio for this period was 35.7%, indicating that around 64% of listings will expire unsold.  

The sad fact is that the majority of these home owners need to sell and they will relist with their agent or find another agent to sell their home.

The reality is that if your home did not sell in less than 70 days 1st time around, chances are great that by listing with the same agent the result may well be the same.

We are one of the few teams who guarantee to sell your home in 47 days or less or we’ll pay you $2000!* Some conditions apply.

We can provide this guarantee because of our unique an innovative marketing plan to expose our listings to the most number of buyers possible.

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Lee van Der Heyde – Starlink realty